What our families say about us...

"I have only great things to say about ClefTone Studios.  We feel respected, cared about, and inspired. Many thanks to you, and to Music Together, for offering us such a beautiful and meaningful experience."

"Best family experience ever- I have done this with both my children and have enjoyed every class for four years!!!!"

"I really feel a strong sense of community in our classroom. My daughter knows that not only am I looking out for her, all the other parents are serving as role models to her as well."

...our teachers...

"Catherine is an amazing teacher!"

"I can't praise our teacher highly enough...my children all love her and they are all musical because of her."

"Incredible personality and interaction with kids and adults. Perfect for the job. Beyond my expectations."

"Ms. Terri is amazing. We are moving 20 miles away but will continue to take her class - she is a fabulous teacher and wonderful with our kids.

"Fantastic experience -- both Terri and Catherine are ideal teachers!"

...and Music Together

"Our family has taken Music Together continuously for over a DECADE! We have three kids (ages 11, 8, and 4), and this is by far the best activity we have done together."

"I love Music Together and plan to continue for a long time! Not only does it provide a fun, positive, and educational experience for my child, but it has also equipped me with the skills to know how to appropriately approach music at my child's level. The music is so pleasing and the whole family enjoys listening to it."

"The song selections are fabulous. We've learned a lot about music and different ways to incorporate music in our Iives."

"I LOVE the Music Together program - my child has benefitted from it tremendously. I am so thrilled with the confidence and the excitement that he shows for music. You have brought a lot of joy to our family!"