Music Together will expand your musical repertoire.

Each semester you will receive a new recording of traditional songs, original compositions, and rhythmic chants, along with a beautifully illustrated songbook full of activities for the whole family. The music encompasses a variety of tonalities, meters, and cultural styles.

You will learn about how your child learns and develops musically.


You will better understand the process by which your child can, given a rich musical environment and an enthusiastic role model (you!), achieve basic music competence.

Music Together will be a source of ideas on how you can bring music into everyday life...
 spontaneous, joyful, and inspiring ways for your child. You will find that your own creative process is stimulated as you discover new musical ways to connect and play with your child.

Music Together classes are based on the idea that every child is musical...


...and that making music with children, as a family, and in a community enriches our lives, promotes musical growth in children...and is fun!

Contact us to find out how to join the fun!